GIMP Art (Untitled) + a note on process

For the past week, I’ve been working in GIMP to create digital works of visual art using the repeated application of a few basic filters, color settings, etc. I usually begin with a simple pattern or some random image off of the net. Then I apply sharpness and blur filters with settings cranked until the image begins to break into colored blocks and dots. Cartoon, Edge-Detect, and Oilify filters are used as well. For this image, I also experimented with the iWarp distortion filter.

In a similar way to my writing process with the Gnoetry 0.2 program, my approach to making art with GIMP is very open and each piece is difficult to replicate. It can begin with just about anything and end up anywhere. As long as the resulting work is exciting and pleasurable, I feel like I’ve got something of value.

Here are some images from several points in this process, along with the final image, starting with the image I grabbed from the net, which can be viewed here (#7 cutest image of 2011 @ cute overload).


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