Occupy Wall Street

This makes me happy:

Thank you, Adbusters!




Just printed them out because I am tired of reading from the computer screen. Kent Johnson has made me excited to read these, I’ll let you know when I form an opinion.

Gnoetry Daily!

gnoetry-daily-logoEric Elshtain, First Gnoet and editor of Beard of Bees Press has just launched a new blog called Gnoetry Daily that centers on the Gnoetry program, and he’s asked me and several other Gnoets to contribute. I just put up my first contribution a minute ago, “The Same.” You can look forward to more gnoems and surely some statements of gnoetics.

I wonder, is it imperitive that someone write a lawn gnoem? Gnobody Gnows! (Enough already!)

Just go to the blog.

We Feel Fine

As usual, I’ve discovered that someone is already at some idea I thought was fresh and original.  But I guess is still is fresh and original.wefeelfine

We Feel Fine is an online database of blog statements that include a statement of feeling.  The mission is to create a real time and searchable database of human feelings as reported by bloggers worldwide (only in English, I think, but I could be wrong).

I have had ideas of creating web poems/hypertext works that use similar techniques to make some sort of social commentary and aesthetic statement.  We Feel Fine will certainly be a model for whatever I end up doing along this lines, if anything does come of it.

On top of that, its just really cool to browse.  You need to have Java (not just javascript) installed to view it.  Check it out.


I didn’t vote for Obama, but I cannot help but feel relief and even cautious optimism at his clear victory last night. I was unable myself to vote with confidence for a centrist member (judging from his actions thus far) of the Democratic Party, one half of the two-headed corporate beast that we call the federal government. I still feel that Ralph Nader says what needs to be said, and speaks strongly and in great detail about what actions must taken to install an actual republic in America.

So, I didn’t vote for Obama. I am not one of the Hoosiers who turned Indiana Blue for the first time in decades. But I am excited to see what will happen with Obama, and I love to see a black family moving into the White House. I am relieved to have an eloquent and moving speaker taking over after eight years of the anti-intellectualist Bush assault on reason, which brought daily offense to the image of my country and to my intelligence. And I am cautiously optimistic because 1) he has so much stacked against him right now, and 2) I don’t think he will take (or be able to take) the radical steps that are needed to move the country away from its global imperialist dominance and make the economy a system for and by the workers and the consumers instead of for only the rich.

There are some things I want to see happen under Obama. I hope the pressure will he heavy on him to do them and other major moves he promised or hinted at during his campaign.

  1. Officially apologize, as a government and as a nation, for the crimes of slavery and the genocide committed against Native Americans, and the ongoing mistreatment of immigrant laborers across the nation. Set the nation on a path towards reconciliation and racial healing by addressing the issue of institutional racism (the police, the prisons, the ghettoes, immigration laws, etc.) that plagues our nation and perpetuates great evils and all of their ghosts.
  2. Employee Free Choice Act! Make the US safe for unions.
  3. Medicare/Medicaid for all! Say no to the stranglehold that pharmaceutical companies and health insurers have over this nations citizens, and make good, available health care a right for everyone.
  4. Fair Trade, not Free Trade! The US has been sucking the blood of third world nations for too long. We need some real regulation of the financial system that incorporates ethical and moral dimensions of business. Make America a force of good for world economies instead of one of the vampires of the Global North.

I’m sure there are more I could come up with, but I think that’s good enough for now. People get up and make this country change for real. Voting is the least active role you serve politically. Get together, make your voices heard, and take action to make your communities and world a better place. You can’t expect anybody to do it all for you. No matter what they may tell you.

So I’ve Registered (Reluctantly) for AWP Chicago 2009

Two nights in a private bed and bath hostel room in Lincoln Park. Reasonable distance from Red Line. Other things to do if I don’t find the conference too interesting. Two days off from teaching.

I had thought there was some sore of “alternate AWP” thing that often goes on outside of the “real” AWP (check out my dick fingers! ” “) but I was slightly confused. In Atlanta in 2006, there was “Other Poets Gathering” that I missed out on, and I hope there is something similar going on in Chicago during Feb. 12-14.

There’s an interesting anthology of experimental Chicago poets, The City Visible, that’s totally worth checking out. Chicago is the home of Eric Elshtain, Beard of Bees and Gnoetry.

If anyone hears of an “alternative” readings/events by poets outside the mainstream AWP mold going on during the conference, I’d love to know about it.

Response to Issue 1

I’ve just finished my unexpectedly involved response to the Issue 1 anthology edited by Jim Carpenter and Stephen McLaughlin.  It’s posted over at my machine poetics blog, I don’t want to be judged a person!. I’ve written about Jim Carpenter and Erica T. Carter there before, which may account for the jump in hits since Oct. 3, so thanks guys!

Hey, I’ve written for hours about it there, so I’m not going to spend any more time on it here. Go read it and let me know what you think.

AACM, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, ICP, and Vijay Iyer to Perform at the Chicago Jazz Festival 2008!

I’ve been variously impressed and disappointed by the line-ups for the Chicago Jazz Festival over the last four years or so, but this time, to commemorate their 30th year, they’ve really outdone themselves: AACM performs Friday night (I saw Roscoe Mitchell live with a trio when I was at the University of Illinois, and it was quite a mind-blowing experience), Vijay Iyer and Dave Douglas on Saturday. and (the group I most look forward to seeing) ICP (a Dutch free improvisation group) and Ornette Coleman on Sunday.

Here’s the full line-up for the main stage.

I’ll probably be taking a train (or carpool?) in for the weekend and staying at Hostelling International Chicago for a few nights. Any other Purdue folk interested on a Labor Day weekend in Chicago? They give discounts for groups of 10 or more.