Another Visit to Saint Lucia (2011)

Well, my wife and I are in Saint Lucia for the month of May visiting her family, taking buses around the island, and regularly visiting the beaches. I learned my lesson with the sun the last two times I came, so I’m managed a tan with minimal burning so far :>

I’ve adjusted well to the climate this time around, and the mosquitoes are kept away at night by coconut oil (it works somehow) and a mosquito net over the bed. I may be living here in two years or so, so it’s good that I know I can deal with these issues. I’m learning a bit of Kweyol, too, and should problem take some lessons in French while I’m at it.

I haven’t taken many photos yet, but here are the best of what I’ve got so far.

These first two are shots of Kay’s parent’s home up Monier, Gros Islet (halfway up what they call “hills” here, but seem more like small mountains to me):

Here’s the harbor in the main city, Castries:

Some ships near Rodney Bay (the Ramp):

The waves lapping the beach (was going to make an animated gif, but I’m feeling lazy):

A view down to the sea off of Morne Fortune (I think there’s some Sandal’s resort with a golf course in the shot there):


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