Read Three of my Poems at NOÖ Weekly

At long last, some of my poetry has appeared in a journal, and one of my favorites at that. Joe Hall chose three of my recent “concrete poems” (I’m not sure I’d call them that exactly, but it’s close enough in spirit) for publication in the newest update of NOÖ Journal‘s NOÖ Weekly series, alongside poems by A. Minetta Gould and Caren Scott. A nice collection of work all around. Some other excerpts from the series published at NOÖ Weekly are available on this blog a few posts down (see “Big Wrds and |\|07 \/\/0rD$: Excerpts“).


***“Three Concrete Poems” by Eric Goddard-Scovel at NOÖ Weekly***


In Joe’s short editor’s note, he writes that my work “was created following what Eric would call a positive impulse.” While I had to laugh a while at that–my idea of “positivity” is certainly unusual–I still must thank you, Joe, for perfectly expressing what it is I hope to do in writing, which is for all of my poetic expression to be born of a positive, beneficial spirit, no matter how twisted, obtuse, dense, stupid, irreverent, or obscene it may be. I think I have gotten lost sometimes, and maybe it is these visual works which more clearly display the positive impulse than others.

If any of you all reading this enjoyed the poems, or hated them, or whatever, I’d love to see your comments here or on the page at NOÖ Weekly.


1 thought on “Read Three of my Poems at NOÖ Weekly

  1. Eric, no problem. I was very happy to include this work. Been thinking more about the sources of writing and it does seem like a good idea to leave behind dramatizing what Jed Rasula calls “the complex agonies of Puritan selfhood.” Onward!

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