Still Unemployed (or Underemployed, If You Prefer)

More joining the ranks all the time, too. And I still try to look for the decent jobs, for now.

Here’s a good article from BusinessWeek (“Shrinking U.S. Labor Force Keeps Unemployment Rate From Rising“) to put the December unemployment numbers in context. Take note of the “underemployment” number and the number of people without jobs that have been dropped out of the “job market” altogether. You should know the 10% number is skewed, and the article shows you what’s been left out.


1 thought on “Still Unemployed (or Underemployed, If You Prefer)

  1. After 12 months, dozens and dozens of resume’s and applications, in response to menial jobs, jobs I know I can qualify, and jobs I know that I don’t qualify for, not one interview. I give up, for the most part, for now. Obamunism is only going to prolong the problem. My grandfather, long deceased, always said it would happen again. It instilled in me the need to save, and invest as best I could. That is running out (did not qualify for unemployment) but, glad I listened to him. Retirement will never happen, unless I hit the lottery, which is not likely since I never gamble.
    I wish you the best of luck in your own process.

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