Scantily Clad Press


I first became aware of Scantily Clad Press in March when Chad directed me to Stan Apps’ chapbook Grover Fuel. I didn’t take much notice of the press, as the chapbook was up on Issuu and I wasn’t too curious at the time to look any further.

The chapbooks in their catalog, though, testify to a fairly radical/edgy editorial aesthetic, far more interesting than most of the poetry you can get in journals these days. If you’re looking for poets-with-names (in post-avant/flarf/whatever circles at least), you can read some new work by Nada Gordon or, if you haven’t yet, Stan Apps. But there’s plenty of work from poets you haven’t heard of for you to discover, too.

I’m sending them a manuscript today, so maybe there’ll be another unheard-of there to read soon.

Cross yer fingers.


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