Exploring the Digital Arts

I’m becoming more and more curious about how digital poetry (or computer-assisted poetry, whatever you want to call it) might intersect with digital music and visual art. I was launched down this path in part by Vanessa Place and Roberttn9781933254463 Fitterman’s Notes on Conceptualisms, which talks about conceptual poetry in terms of appropriation and sampling–terms I had not ever associated with what I do with Gnoetry and Mchain, but which are clearly appropriate.

So, while digging out of this post-MFA slump I’m in, I’ve been acquiring some software to play around with.  For laptop-music, I’m going to check out Fruity Loops (or FL Studio), Ableton and Propellerhead. I know almost nothing about these programs, but we’ll see what I can do. There are plenty of tutorials out there.

Also, I discovered this open-source data-visualization software called Processing via the art of C.E.B. Reas. I am always amazed to see how artists in other media have been working with programs and processes in similar ways to me. I do this stuff because it seems relevant and exciting, and I always find others who have had the same ideas.

So, summer projects to mess with while I take a few months off and see if I can find work in New York City.


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