This Bailout is Bullshit: Selected News

I’ve been trying to figure out what the deal is with this “bailout,” and it has become increasingly clear that it is another huge swindle on the part of the pirates in the executive branch and their buddies on Wall Street. Don’t expect anything good from our elected politicians, and don’t expect any useful news and reporting from the 24-hour propaganda machine, who continue to speak non-stop about the most tedious “developments” of the presidential campaign while keeping silent or inadequately skirting over the many, many crazy things going on right now at home and across the globe. It’s time to start seeking out more desperately those alternative sources of news that the internet provides us.

First, let’s begin with this report from CNBC, whose anarchic coverage of this crisis does match the general mood and occasional strikes a right cord: “Bailouts Will Push US into Depression.”

Second, Ralph Nader and Arun Gupta criticize the bailout and call for action on the part of taxpayers and citizens. DemocracyNow!, September 25, 2008. (Link will not work until tomorrow, 9/26 – go to front page until then.)

Third, Ralph Nader’s call for Congress to show some “backbone” and prevent yet another action on the part of this administration for the billionaires and against the rest of the American people: “Who Will Show Some Backbone Against the Bailout?”

Fourth, the e-mail sent out by Arun Gupta (given its own wordpress blog) to call a protest on Wall Street at 4PM of 9/25.

Fifth, an international perspective on the bailout and the future of US global dominance. It highlights comments made by world leaders at the UN General Assembly currently being held in NYC. “A Bailout and a New World.”

Sixth, Michael Hudson on CounterPunch calling the bailout “a giveaway”: “The Insanity of the $700 Billion Giveaway.”

Seventh, the tagline to David Sarota’s “The $700 Billion Questions”: “Using the shock doctrine, Wall Street and Washington’s wrecking crew aim to get the most expensive free lunch in American history.”


1 thought on “This Bailout is Bullshit: Selected News

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