Be Back in Two Weeks

I’m getting everything ready today to go to St. Lucia for two weeks with my girlfriend. I get the guided tour of the island via her family and friends there, not just the resort tourist treatment.

Ocean! Caribbean Sea! Volcano! Can you tell I’m excited? I haven’t been to a beach in at least 10 years.  All I know of what we’ll be doing is walking/busing to the beach most every morning and going to a fish-fry in Denery Saturday night. And, of course, some reading will be done too.

This is my first trip outside of the U.S. and my first flight anywhere. I hope there will be more to follow, finances willing.

Wish me the best!


3 thoughts on “Be Back in Two Weeks

  1. how go things so far? I debated on calling you, then calling E, but figured the web might be the best way to go about communication. Drop me a line…

  2. You’d have found the party rather refreshing. A mix of neighbors and writers and so forth. Henry the Pug made an appearance and was astonishingly welll-behaved. I hope you had a lovely trip. I plan to be up in Layflatte sometime on Thursday–definitely on Friday. Perhaps we can touch base then. Give me a call….

  3. I’m interested in how your trip went, since you started talking about it almost a year ago. I should call you. It’s been too long, my friend.

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