More on the Economy: “Numbers Racket”

The article “Numbers Racket: Why the economy is worse than we know”  (official graphless html | repost with graphs, claims to be incomplete) by Kevin Phillips, published by Harper’s Magazine in April 2008, came to my attention this morning while I was searching for real information on employment and inflation statistics.  This should give a you a more realistic view of where this economy is than the CNBC or Bloomberg.

This post is just another in my series of posts about the economic crisis in America.  Some friends of mine I just beginning to look at the economy now with the dread that has been bothering me for almost a year now.  I hope this means a lot of other people–those who aren’t already unemployed or homeless from all of this, that is–are beginning to wake up to this too.


1 thought on “More on the Economy: “Numbers Racket”

  1. Credit card balances and the growing carried balances of such, which you had talked about earlier this summer, is a subject the big news agencies are finally paying attention to. It’s still not a recession, though. Oh no.

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