Cynthia McKinney accepts Green Party Presidential Nomination

At this time I’m still pulling for Nader, but I watched McKinney’s acceptance speech (and her running mate’s) on C-SPAN this weekend and now I’m having some doubts as to where my vote will be going. As usual, Wikipedia has a well-done overview of Cyntia McKinney and her political career for those of you unfamiliar. Especially important is her work to open up real investigations into the 9/11 incidents and her work in Congress to help Katrina and Rita victims (Right to Return, etc.).

There is a lot of disillusionment going on this year with both major parties. The economic and environmental crises, domestic wiretapping, kowtowing to corporate interests in all areas of government, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: none of these can be blamed solely on the Republican party, as much as Democrats would like to see this happen. A lot of blame is be be laid upon the criminals occupying the White House, sure; but those in Congress who have repeatedly and without hesitation continued to support the wars and this administration’s other failed policies with continued funding and lack of real oversight are guilty too.

I think McKinney and the Green Party might do better than Nader, if only because the Green Party has such an intensely environmental platform (see their entire platform here), something which may appeal to all of those suffering from the effects of Global Warming that become more obvious and threatening each year. I also think their focus on developing local infrastructure (for food, energy and political authority) is a step in the right direction when dealing with the situation our country now faces.

Again, I haven’t made my mind up. I’m keeping my eye on both of them.


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