Iraq War Winter Soldier Media Blackout

As expected, the Winter Soldier Hearings held last month on the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq were not covered much in the media, and this window into the reality of what is going on in Iraq, which is (as if we do not already suspect it) at least as disturbing as what went on in Vietnam. As though any war can be less violent than another. Here is FAIR’s article “New York Times Explains Winter Soldier Blackout.” It explains a lot, just not what the NY Times meant it to.

If you’d like to see what this was all about you can watch the archived video testimony of Winter Soldier 2008 at the Iraq Veteran’s Against the War website. If you don’t like being disturbed, don’t watch it; but it’s going on regardless, and personally I’d rather face the reality. If we as Americans would stop ignoring what crimes our leaders are committing all over the world in our names (this is a democracy, after all) and face the facts, then maybe we can do something about it.


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