Lit Journals: Preparing for Summer Submissions

I’ve been doing some research lately to find journals that seem receptive to the kind of writing I’m doing now. I’ve never published before; I’ve never even submitted. I just sent out 5 subscriptions this week to some journals to see what their content is typically like. A few them I have little hope of getting published in, but I want them all the same for the pleasure of reading new poetry that’s actually interesting and exciting, something that is difficult to find in the Midwest (and often anywhere else).

So, my list of print journal hopefuls:

  • Phoebe
  • No: A Journal of the Arts
  • Combo Magazine
  • Fence
  • New American Writing

And print journals I’m subscribed to that either don’t except open submissions or seem a bit out of my league, but I subscribe to for pleasure:

  • Chicago Review
  • Abraham Lincoln

And while I’m in the listing mode, here are online journal hopefuls, though I need to do more research on the submission policies of these journals, and find more of them:

  • NOÖ Journal
  • ecopoetics
  • Exquisite Corpse
  • MiPoesias / Ocho

I’m not bothering to put links here in this post. All of these journals and others are located in the left sidebar under either Lit Journals or Literature.

A friend of mine in fiction has asked me about online fiction journals, but I honestly have not looked into them much. If any readers can comment any good journals of this kind, I’d be very grateful. I’ll put them up here with the others.


1 thought on “Lit Journals: Preparing for Summer Submissions

  1. I’ve heard from various sources that the best month to submit is Around August/September, in spite of the fact that Summer is the best time to actually get stuff together for submission. Will you be submitting the Poem/Poet poem you read? Those who heard it from my 205 class thought it one of the best read that evening…

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