H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama Coming to West Lafayette

2287-close_web.jpgI woke up this morning to NPR as always. I usually get out of bed when I get angry at the first bit of news that is either wrong or misleading or couched in ignorant, decontextualized rhetoric. It usually doesn’t take too long for that to happen. That’s not the best way to start a day out, either, I know.

This morning, though, the local WBAA news announced that the Dalai Lama will be visiting Purdue for a speech during his brief stay in Bloomington, IN at the Tibetan Cultural Center. Unfortunately, he will not be delivering any three day teachings at our esteemed university, and I will not be able to go to Indiana University in the middle of a school week. Then again, maybe ….

Tickets go on sale for the Purdue speech on August 10th for students ($20) and faculty, and then it opens to the public on the 11th, so get one as soon as you can.


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