Chicago Jazz Festival 2007!

jazzlogo2007_1.gifAnyone else up for free jazz in Grant Park over Labor Day Weekend? I’m strongly considering attending this year’s Jazz Festival. I’ve been there twice, and it’s always a good time, and downtown Chicago is great, too.

This year they’ve got a great lineup. The Herbie Hancock Quartet will be at the CSO Thursday evening to kick off the festival. Headliners this year on the big stage (Petrillo Music Stage) are Medeski, Martin & Wood (good jams) Friday, Charlie Haden and the Liberation Music Orchestra (amazing!) Saturday, and the Mingus Big Band (how could it be anything but amazing) Sunday.

This is looking like it will be a great festival this year. If I only had to choose one night to go, it would be Saturday for Charlie Haden and LMO. I’ve seen Herbie before (and I would again if I could) and I’ve seen MMW two times (or three?), and I’ve been a fan of Haden for years.

And hey, the Art Institute is right there, too. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me.


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