Here Comes Everybody

Well, I’m directing my posts for the time being towards writers and those interested in literature and writing. My tiny audience, after all, is mostly in the MFA program with me, so I can only assume these websites will interest them. There are a lot of great (and free) publications and resources on the internet, and I keep finding new ones all of the time. While updating my links section on my new blog, I found a few that I’m going to be posting about sooner or later. The first is Here Comes Everybody: Writers on Writing, a large collection of interviews done over the past few years with contemporary writers. Some of the more recognizable authors interviewed here include:

  • Dan Beachy-Quick
  • Sarah Manguso
  • D.A. Powell
  • G.C. Waldrep
  • Ron Silliman
  • C.D. Wright
  • David Shapiro
  • David Baker
  • Rae Armantrout
  • K. Silem Mohammad
  • Robert Creeley, “Onward.”
  • Gabriel Gudding
  • Mairead Byrne
  • Paul Hoover

That’s a relatively short list for all that’s offered, and I’m sure there’s names of great authors that I’ve overlooked or I’m just unfamiliar with. So check it out. I personally find interviews with poets very inspirational, or at the least thought provoking. The short list of links to some of the interviewee’s blogs (on the left hand side) is worth browsing through too.

In the works: my short review of Mairead Byrne’s pdf book, SOS Poetry, available and free for all to download off of UBU Editions’ website (see the links to the right).


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