Drifting Through the Interwebs

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So much free time! I’m coming to grips with it now. The schedule is becoming less wasteful of my time, though at the same time, time is disappearing much more easily. I’ve gone back to random blog searching, to scour for source material for the Markov Chain program. I’ve decided to start keeping these “Random Blogs of Note” in a bookmark folder so I can keep track of them for future use.I’m revamping my approach to the Mchain writing process with two separate approaches (possibly combinable at some point, who knows). One is to be more selective of what is input by entering only text that has been digested by me in one form or another. I guess I am saying that I should have read and thought about something in the individual texts that I am putting in, so as to create some resonances with the output.

The other approach is to keep a running log of freewriting sessions and use that as input. I’m shooting for an average length per entry of one half of a page, single-spaced, for now. I’m a bit rusty, it seems.

For your amusement (and my records), here is my Random Blogs of Note bookmark folder. Of course, I do not necessarily agree with the sentiments expressed in these blogs. I actually disagree with quite a few of them, which is probably the reason for their inclusion, as they give rise to as clear aversion in me that warrants exploration. Most are more or less harmless.

Random Blogs of Note

View from the Front Desk
The 4th Avenue Blues
Paranoid Pedestrian Ponderings: You have a happiness level of: 92%
Process Junkie
Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare
I have a vagina and I’m not afraid to use it.
MY WAR (Iraq war blog, just published a book based on the blog. Check the archives)
Destiny and her pet chance

Spamish Blogs

And here is a spamish blogs (bizarre, probably generated by a program). These blogs come up often in random blog searches, and in some ways resemble the output of the Markov chain program I use, though with different input. I should post a running journal of the complete process of the writing of a poem with the mchain program sometime, including the imput, output, and various drafts.

Slut Suzie (warning: adult content)

Weird, huh. Is there an aesthetic possible with these? And what is it? What is the effect of reading this kind of prose? I’ll look around for better examples.


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