Check It: Robin Whitmore Dream Diary


Giant Stick Grieves For Mankind, Robin Whitmore

I found this blog while I was hopping around on Technorati tonight. It seems to be a display of a British artist’s work. Amazing.


2 thoughts on “Check It: Robin Whitmore Dream Diary

  1. Very interesting stuff. I wonder what the medium is–does he (she?) use a chalkboard and then take a picture or are these white pastels on black craft paper? Or something else?

    Also, don’t know if you checked the no-longer-updated blog with the older work on it. Some of it is almost terrifying because of the dramatic lighting. Very impressive. Makes me want to go to Eire to check it out.

  2. Hi there
    thanks for the link!
    The drawings are all made in negative with my eyes closed. They are drawn using a pencil and graphite powder on white paper and then the image inverted in Photoshop.
    Come to Ireland!

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