What I’ve been doing, and a little about what I do



line 1


line 2

I’m a poet, if I’ve neglected to mention that until now. Maybe I’ve been hiding it. I’m in my first year of an MFA degree at Purdue, which is why I don’t post often–too many other things to do. So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

You’ll have to click on the images above to read it; they’re very wide. We had an Art Studio session in workshop, but all I managed to do was come up with some imitative titles to a few abstract paintings out of an old issue of New American Paintings and stick some magnet words on a metal plate.  Here are lines one and two. I’ll put some of the others up as I have the time to edit the images in GIMP, but each of them is meant to be a contained unit. My idea was to place words up from the several hundred that I had to work with until I ran out of room vertically. No punctuation, restricted word choices, uncertain tone, arbitrary length restriction: sounds like my kind of thing.

I’ll put some posts up from now on about my poetry, and what I’m doing with spam mail and Markhov chaining. I don’t have much of a poetics, but I’ll talk some about that, too. Maybe it will all work out.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing, and a little about what I do

  1. I am working on a long abstract…poem, I guess wold be the best word, constructed primarily from spam subject lines.

    The text algorithms are becoming more complex, as I’m receiving spam with accurate syntax. It’s interesting to the point that I don’t entirely loathe spam that much anymore.

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