Reason, Truth and History: Good Bathroom Reading

I’m not feeling much pressure for the first post; it just gets buried, right? I was reading the preface to Hillary Putnam‘s Reason, Truth and History in the bathroom earlier. He believes the “dichotomy” of objective and subjective classifications of [what? ideas? reality? truth?] is now old and stale: a set of ideologies; and that a fresh perspective (and definition) of truth is needed. Sounds reasonable…

I don’t want you to get the idea I read stuff like this all the time; I’m usually reading Dilbert of The Onion in the bathroom. [Am I lying?]

[I’m talking to myself, reader, trying to figure out what I want to do to you [for you?].]

***Editorial comments, often fumbling or doubting, will be in brackets.***

!Beware of long, overly complicated and convoluted sentences:
they please me!
!Beware of Poetry!
!Beware of Government Propoganda!
!Beware of Ignorance and its Consequences!

That’s good for now.


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